Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Teach Web 2.0 Consortium Kick Off

Anna and I kicked off the Teach Web 2.0 Consortium at our school yesterday. The wiki has 44 members, all colleagues from school, spanning early childhood, lower, middle, and upper division teachers, staff, and administrators. It's really a good mix. I'm blown away by the interest and proud to be working with such a group of professional educators who want to provide the best learning environment for their students. The purpose of the consortium is to explore Web 2.0 social networking tools and determine their educational value. We will research wikis first because we will be using a wiki to collect our ideas and document our work. We started by introducing the wiki and helping the group get familiar with the layout and research format. It went better than anticipated. Everyone was able to join the wiki with limited technical issues. Visit the Teach Web 2.0 Wiki to track our progress. Next topic - blogs.


David Robb said...

Good luck.
I just started a wiki for the staff at my school. Besides being a place for collaboration, I've also made it the place to request computer repairs. This will force some of the more reluctant teachers to use the wiki. I'm hoping as teachers start to use it the idea of using a wiki will spill over to the classroom.

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