Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Twitter FINALLY makes sense to me. For the longest time, I couldn't get past the fact that none of my personal contacts use Twitter. I figured that meant that I wouldn't have anyone to "Twitter" with. Now, I can humbly report that I am following 21 people. I even have 6 people following me! But, there's more. After following "edtechtalk", I learned last evening of an online chat about the OLPC program. It was very interesting, and I made a few more contacts. The best way to find people is to "people" search with keywords for which you have an interest. For example, I started with "educational technology". Any organization or person who lists this as a keyword will come up in your search. You can choose to "follow" that person. In settings, you determine whether you want updates sent to your email or phone. If you are worried about being inundated with text messages, you can just set it up to read on your twitter page. Pretty cool, short and sweet, and easy to maintain.

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