Sunday, April 6, 2008

Facilitating Collaboration in Virtual School

Collaboration promotes a sense of community in online learners (Swan, 2006). The virtual school I've been observing is trying to encourage more collaboration between students in online high school courses. I hope to focus my research on effective methods of facilitating collaboration in AP curricula. My goal for the coming week is to get some details about the collaborative activities that seem to be working, and those that have been a challenge for the virtual school AP teachers. I learned in my meeting last week that it can be difficult to partner the students because they start the courses at different times. One student might be learning about Colonial History, while another has already progressed to the Reagan Era.

On a related note, this press release from 2003 highlights a program between the College Board and a virtual school to provide online study aids for the AP test. I've searched on the College Board Site for direct references to these aids, but only find study tips and sample questions. I'm curious as to the final outcome of the 2003 announcement.

Swan, K. (2006). Sloan-C - Publications - Journal: Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks - Vol10:1. Retrieved April 6, 2008, from

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