Sunday, November 23, 2008

CCK08-Connecting the Concept Map

I've been posting concept maps for each of the topics covered in the CCK08 Connectivism Course. It's time to pull it all together. Drum roll please...

I need to have this in poster format so I can read it all at once. There must be some site out there that will turn this into a poster for me. Hmmm.

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Tutor Mentor Connections said...

Great map! Have you found anyone creating a version of this focused at adult learners and/or social problem solving?

At you can see some concept maps I'm using to illustrate strategies for helping kids from poverty areas connect with adults who help them to jobs and careers.

If you follow the concept map links you'll see a map of my library and of some of the ideas. These focus on educating adults to engage them in real world problem solving, rather than engaging students or adults in academic learning, which, of course, contributes to real-world problem solving.

I'd like to find people who are creating versions of the connectivism map, but focused on knowledge and networking aimed at a specific problem, such as world health, the environment, terrorism, etc. Can you point to any of these?