Friday, December 4, 2009

Welcome to my PLE!

I've been working with a teacher to implement networked learning in his classroom. As you can see from my previous post, we had our challenges. However, we're working through most of the technical issues and I'm proud to present "Welcome to My PLE". One of the students in the project offered her personal learning network as an example. Enjoy the tour!!!

We would love your feedback.


Christine said...

I am very impressed with this video and what the students are doing with personal learning environments! What a great example to share with others. Impressive!

Debra said...

I really enjoyed seeing all of the different web 2.0 tools you are using in class. It gave me some great ideas for my own classes. Great Job!

dweinman said...

Powerful learning! I’m interested in the note taking site the video mentioned. Also wonder how the students feel about the unique options this class if offering them?

Manish said...

Its interesting to see PLE in action.

For collaborative and tutor facilitated teaching and learning institutions use the VLE as PLE often does not provide a platform for this to happen uniformly for all students.

The Cloud gives control to people on their documents/work etc, it makes them publishers/authors/broadcasters etc. A spin of sharing and collaborative working added to the mix and we have what I call as the Cloud Learning environment. Here the control is shared between the learner and the facilitator or the academics .
This is new, as the old institutional VLE (or virtual learning environments, kept most of the control with the institutions or the academics) and the PLEs (personal learning environments) did not quite provide a cohesive platform to bring different people together form different walks of life uniformly.
To read more about a CLE, see

An Example of that is my Exam revision site that taps into the students informal learning experience/practice. I blogged about it here
And the resources is an Open access resource that can be accessed here:

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

WOW!! I am so impressed. I have a 6th grader myself and her classroom uses no where near the amount of technology as this 7th grader. I love the note taking site too. I think that can be a very useful tool for my students as well as my own children.

Thanks for sharing!

Joe Huber said...

I am in the process of obtaining a Master's in Education Media Design and Technology from Full Sail University and have just started using PLE's in the classroom. I've found that the students really enjoy working with them, updating them, and constantly improving them. I have been able to utilize many of the great ideas from this video and incorporate them into what I'm currently doing in my classroom.

Nichole said...

Hi again Mrs. Drexler!

We are working on PLN's in Dr. Strange's class right now and I am really glad I found this video because it clarified a lot for me. In fact, I set up a symbaloo shortly after watching this. Symbaloo is easier to me than Delicious. It's a lot more work but everything is an icon and it's all organized onto one page. Thanks again for sharing!

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