Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pulling it all together in #PLEK12

Well, we finished week one in the Personal Learning Environments for Inquiry in K12 course (#PLEK12).  I have already had conversations with students about the experience.  Organization of content is always a challenge.  Chris and I have tried to provide structure to the course to allow students to access content easily.  But, once people dive in, they are often confused about what to do next.  I try to be transparent in my teaching and learning.  In all honesty, I often feel disconnected from my online students.  I don't know how they are feeling unless they reach out to me and share.  What can we do to feel more connected to one another?
  1. Don't be afraid to ask for help.  If you email me or message me in Twitter, I will respond.
  2. Reach out to others in the course.  Many have already posted their blogs in the week 1 repository.
  3. Set up your own RSS subscription service (Google Reader, NetVibes, Symbaloo). 
  4. Use #PLEK12 on anything you post anywhere.  The RSS feeds will pick up the hashtag.

In an attempt to model personal learning management, I set up a NetVibes aggregation to help.

PLEs for Inquiry in K12 NetVibes Page

There are many ways to aggregate content on the web.  I don't advocate one over another.  Symbaloo is a great option for kids because they allow students under 13 to use the tool with parent permission.  But, ultimately you should use what works best for you.  We will look at this in further detail in week 5.  


Vahid said...

Great job on the Netvibes page. Thanks.

Darren said...

Yup, that is EXTREMELY helpful! I use iGoogle to aggregate blogs - I prefer it to google reader because the layout pushes me to discriminate more carefully with subscriptions... sometimes, we can turn on too many taps!

Whitney Greer said...

I am a student from Dr. Stranges EDEM 310 class. What a joy it was seeing your creation he posted to our class blog and then exploring here on your blog I am speechless. This is good stuff, different from anything else I have researched. I am fully confident that you have much success with your students and they must enjoy you! I have watched your networked student and I felt it was very informative of what is really occurring. There is so much to say from what I got out of that post, so do feel free to check out my blog to see what all I wrote! Thanks again for sharing with our class your ideas and clever tactics! Whitneys Blog

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