Sunday, May 24, 2009

Networked Student Challenges

I believe in the potential of networked learning in k12 education. From a research perspective, I'm also painfully aware of the challenges. My dissertation research will analyze the networked student model in a middle school science classroom. I'm trying to foresee every possible obstacle. There are many. Some are theoretical, others quite practical.
  • Fitting within the framework of required curricular standards
  • Giving students a choice of topics that maintains the learner's freedom yet falls within the life sciences curriculum
  • Permissions and age limits for using many Web applications (most require that users be 13 or over. Many 7th graders are not yet 13.)
  • Working with tech administrators to open blocked sites
  • Balancing structure to maximize learner motivation (points/grades/supervision) while allowing for learner control
  • Designing assessment options that promote deep synthesis of content
  • Providing opportunities for students to learn from each other
  • Protecting students from inappropriate content
  • Time required to teach organization, digital literacy, and technical skills
  • Teacher buy in (I'm not as concerned about this as I am working with an open-minded, enthusiastic teacher who is not afraid to take risks. I also find that science lends itself well to a student-centered, experimental approach.)
These are the issues I know we will face. It's the unknown unknowns that really worry me. What else?


Carmen Tschofen said...

Hi Wendy,

As if the whats and hows of classroom, pedagogical and administrative issues aren't enough, I'll add one more network element to your list: parent buy-in and understanding (education?), on issues ranging from beliefs about learner motivation to open web access. I've observed that this is one area where it's surprisingly easy to get blindsided... but I'm not sure what your variables here might be.

Sounds like fascinating research!

John Strange said...

Sounds fascinating! I will be eager to hear of your activities. Yu may have to practice more stealth than you suggest in your list!

Good luck!

And thanks for noting that I had included your Networked Student in my list of things to think about when we are trying to define a tech literate teacher.

I have assigned it for consideration by my students in their class blogs which must be posted on October 11. If you are able and willing I would love for you to comment on a few of those blog posts. I'll be in touch.

My class blog will emerge during the semester at EDM 310 Fall 2009 Come visit when you can.

Thanks and Good Luck!

Angel Shay Padgett said...

Ms. Drexler, This seems like a pioneering frontier and you know what that means, there sure will be challenges. However, just as the settlers had to face harsh extremes to begin with, possibly unbelievers and those who were to afraid to try so they rain on everyone's parade, I am sure so will you! Remember all of the wonderful things in this world that were worth fighting for. As Dr. Randy Pausch stated in his Last Lecture, Brick walls are only there to keep those out who really don't want to try hard enough, they obviously are not there for you Ms. Drexler! Good Luck! We hope for all of our students in the future, that this new way of learning and teaching is embraced!

Wendy DG said...


What a kind and encouraging comment. Thank you for your inspiration.


Allison Benton's EDM310 Blog said...

Ms. Drexler,

I am inspired by your brave project of trying to get middle school students to be networked students. I think that there are many obstacles that you will face, but nothing worth gaining is easy, and I know that you ready for the challenge. I think that your perspective on a newtworked student is up-to-date with everything else in the world today. I think it is very important for a student to be newtworked, and I look forward to hearing how the middle school class goes. I wish you all the great luck in the world, and it's people like you that make others think about the possibilites!

Good Luck!
Allison Benton

Margaret Hines EDM310 Blog said...

Great movie Mrs Drexler. I too want my students to be networked students. I feel that if I am tech literate, my students should be also. There are so many wonderful things to do with technology, but many teachers do not see them. When I do start teaching, I want my students to leave my class educated; academically and technologically. Thanks

Jennifer Foreman's EDM 310 Blog said...

Hi Wendy, I liked your video. There were very interesting ideas introduced to me as a future teacher. Along with other new ideas, your video encourage through some of the skepticism I have of being in the classroom. Thanks.

Keysha Boltz's EDM310 Blog said...

I am so excited to see how this will play out for you. I am Keysha Boltz, and I am in Dr. Strange's EDM class at the University of South Alabama.This is definitely a pioneering adventure,and change does not occur without making mistakes along the way. Someone has to do the experiments in order to teach us how to go forward.Thank you, and I look forward to your results.

Lacey Musgrove said...

Hi, Ms. Drexler. That was a really great movie. Dr. Strange assigned it as a blog assignment in my class. I'm really happy he pointed me in the direction of your blog. Thanks!

Ashley said...

Hey Mrs.Drexler,
This was an amazing video. It was cute but made the point more interesting and better to grasp what you were trying to get across. I definitely want at least some of my students to be networked but if they're not I'm in hopes that I can lead them to that direction of becoming a networked student.Thanks for your time on this video, it was an excellent video in my opinion.

Tresher said...

Hi, I am Tresher from Dr. Strange's EDM class.I didn't know class like that existed. What encouraged you to think of a teaching method like this? Would it be hard for other school student to transition to this instruction of learning?


Wendy DG said...

Carmen brings up a very good point. I've been experimenting in my classes for almost as long as I've been teaching. One of the reasons I made The Networked Student video was to help parents and students understand the concept of networked learning. It's so important to openly communicate with parents. As long as they feel informed and believe that the project is pedagogically sound, they are usually on board. I haven't had any issues with parents thus far. Each had to sign a number of permissions in order for their child to participate. But, as we all know, it only takes one to create concern. My advice is to over-communicate and meet personally if necessary.

To Dr. Strange and everyone in EDM310: I love your comments and really appreciate your interest. At any point you decide to integrate networked learning into your teaching practice, please let me know. I am always happy to help. In answer to Tresher, I was inspired by research I had done in networked learning, other teachers experimenting with Web apps in their classrooms, and an open course in Connectivism taught by George Siemens. Of course, I am always inspired by the students.

Justin Wall's EDM310 Blog said...

Ms. Drexler,

Let me begin by saying you are a brave woman! Getting Middle school students to pay attention in general is a task that takes both the patients of a saint and the talent to match. I am a student in Steve Sullivan's EDM310 and I am required to leave this comment, which is testament to the fact that what you are doing in your classroom is preparing future college students about what they will be required to be able to do.

I would love it if you could critique, comment, or right out shred my blog . I would love to hear from a teacher that doesn't know me personally tell me what they think about my outlook on technology in education.
Thank you for your time.

Justin Wall

Justin Wall's EDM310 Blog said...
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Justin Wall's EDM310 Blog said...

You are amazing. I love people who are brutally honest! Thank you so much for your feedback on my blog post. I did want to explain myself a little. You are absolutely right that I have a HUGE air of defensiveness and I should definitely tone it down in my posts. Part of the issue is that this class (referencing the one I am attending, not technology classes in general) seems to not only focus on technology but goes as far as to bash conventional methods. I have a problem with taking information a bit too personal ( as you may have perceived previously ha ha)and I tend to exhibt the theory of man's duality in many aspects of my life. I believe we agreed on that basic principle, but your critique on how I expressed that was very enlightening and I hope to apply it to my future writings not only in blog posts, but in other academic ventures as well. Please don't think of me as a caveman who wishes to stick with his stone tablet, I'm just an evolved caveman who remembers the good times of hanging out in the cave (does that make sense at all?. I do foresee the downfall of western civilization because of the worship of technology, however I suppose this may not necessarily be the time or web space for it. I wish there were a coupling of using the tools of the newest technology and getting students to create/make preparations for technology yet to be invented alongside a true appreciation for what has proved to work for centuries. Ironically, I think the wealth of knowlege now available has made many people LESS interested in learning (i.e. why should they learn about the record industry, iTunes have all but obliterated the need for an actual hard copy of an album. Just because its easier, it doesn't make it better.). I love the phrase you used : "It's never about the tool. It's always about the instructional design.". Believe it or not that's the exact point I wanted to get across in the first place. I guess I've got a lot to learn!

Thank You again

Alexis D. Taylor said...
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Alexis D. Taylor said...

I enjoyed your video. The animation was eye catching and not boring. Honestly, sitting and having to watch a video or listen to a lecture, even on the internet, can be just as boring as sitting in class. But when the information is presented with some animation or in such a way to keep my attention, I enjoy it better. I wish I was introduced to this stuff earlier on (at least the technology that was available then).

What I am very adament about is ALL students learning about how to be a networked student. I believe the inner city students get pushed to the side and do not get the same benefits as children in the middle and upper class. If you could see how this would help those students in low-income communities, then I believe your research will be more useful because these are students who have had the least amount exposure to technology. They may benefit more and become better and more well-rounded adults.

Everything you included in your presentation is what my classmates and I at the University of South Alabama are learning about. Although I am learning all of this new material, I still do not believe I am prepared enough to be an effective teacher of a networked student.

Now I would like to wish you luck on your new adventure in the middle school. I do not know what kind of middle school you will do this research in but if it is anything like the schools I have been to, GOOD LUCK!!! Thank you for sharing your information with the rest of us.

If you get a chance, check out my blog at:!!!

lauras22 said...

Hi Wendy,

I'm from Mr. Wakeman's EDM 310 class. I really enjoyed your video. It was really inspired by you and the project that you did. I can not wait to one day teach my own class.

Dillon said...

Hi Wendy, My name is Dillon Rogers and I am in Dr. Strange's EDM310 class at the University of South Alabama. I loved your video by the way, very creative the way you chose to film it.
I really do like the idea of the networked student and I think with as many possibilities there will be challenges too. I was wondering if you had thought about students with Learning Disabilities or other disabilities who may not be able to transfer their knowledge to the internet as well or at all. I am a special ed. major, that is always the first thing I think about when seeing new ideas. I know there are accommodations out there for some disabilities, but not all. How do you plan to include the lower level learning students of the classroom?
My blog Dillon Rogers EDM310 Blog
Thank you for your time and your ideas.

EChupek said...

Ms. Drexler,
I really enjoyed your networked student video. I think that middle school students will really embrace this type of learning environment. I'm anxious to hear about your results. I'm really curious to see how the parents embrace it. I've found as a second grade teacher, that some parents really enjoy the availability of computer updates, while others make no use of them at all. Hopefully we can convince them to want to educate themselves as well!
Mr. Wakeman's EDM310 class

IndiaM said...

I am fortunate enough to be able to see this situation from the side of a student and also as the parent of a 7th grader. I absolutely love the idea of middle school students becoming involved in networked learning. I plan to pass along to my own children the information I learn about technology. (Can their little brains process all this information? Probably better that I do!)
How wonderful it will be for them to have the benefits of technology at their finger tips, AND to know how to properly use that technology to their own advantage. I wish you well on your endeavor!

India Munden
University of South Alabama College of Education student

Dillon said...

I read your response to my question about those students with disabilities and I am very excited to know that it is working well with those students you have noticed. This is nice to hear because it can be difficult to take a concept like this and make sure all of your students can get something from it. I do think the watching/listening approach is so useful and effective. If you have the chance, please include more updates on how the students are coming, especially the lower level students. I am very interested and hopeful! Thank you for your comment and time,
Dillon Rogers
Dr. Strange's EDM310
University of South Alabama

Tosha Thomas said...

Wow, I love all of the previous comments. Your video was very inspiring to me as well. I have a daughter in kindergarten and I have been thinking about introducing her to some of the technology that I've been learning about. I feel she could be a step ahead of the game if I start now. I am anxious to read how the middle school students are doing in this project. Thanks for your time and research in this project.

Thanks, Tosha
Dr. Wakeman's EDM 310 Fall 2009 Class

Lindsay Sanders said...

Hi, my name is Lindsay and I'm a junior at the University of South Alabama in Dr. Strange's EDM 310 class. It's very interesting to me that you're working toward getting middle school students to be networking students. Good Luck with everything, I think you can obtain anything you put your mind to!

May said...

Hello Ms. Drexler-

I'm a student of Dr. Strange's EDM 310 and he led me to your blog. Connecting through people and sharing information is the future way. I love this idea. Why shouldn't we share the wealth of knowledge we have? I also like the fact that after leaving college I'll still be able to access a continous stream of infomration.

Thank you,
May Laughton

Jessica Eaton said...


My name is Jessica Eaton and I'm in Dr. Strange's EDM310 class. I enjoyed the video on the networked student. I just have one question: Is it hard to get some of the students motivated? I saw in the video where the class only meets 3 days a week. I would think that it would be hard to get some high school students involved and motivated to keep up with the material. I like this new type of learning, though. I wish you the best of luck with the middle school class and I look forward to hearing about how it goes!

Tiffany Lindell said...

Hello Ms. Drexler,
My name is Tiffany Lindell and I am also in Dr. Strange's EDM310class. I watched the "Networked Student" a couple of times and it was very inspirational. The students that completed this did a very good job. We are learning about PLNs and creating our own as well. Dr. Strange tells us you are planning on trying this activity with a group of middle school students this fall. I am anxious to see how they do. I teach 6th grade science now. I wish I could introduce some of these new technologies with my students as well, but there is so much "blocked" in our system I find it difficult. We are hoping this changes in the future. Thanks for sharing!
Here's my blog!

Brooksy Allen said...

Hi! My name is Brooksy, I'm in Dr. Strange's EDM310 class--thanx for your video on connectivism! Helped me clear up some things about PLNs. I was a little afraid and confused about exactly what I should do or if I was going about it the right way--- Feel much more comfortabloe now :)

Holly Ann said...

Hi there! I'm a student at the University of South Alabama, and as an assignment from Dr. Strange, I've read several blogs and watched a few videos. I'll be adding you to my PLN and I'll be looking forward to seeing what else there is to learn from you! Thanks for your thoughtfulness and dedication to what you do!

http://MaiTimothyedm310 said...

Hello, My name is Tim Mai and I am currently a student at the University of South Alabama. I am currently enrolled in EDM 310 with Dr. Strange. My current major is History in Secondary Education. I just wanted to say I enjoyed viewing your website and added it to my personal learning network.

Allie Anderson's EDM310 Blog said...

Hey Wendy!

I am in Dr. Strange's EDM 310 class at the University of South Alabama. I enjoyed the video very much and I loved how you kept the teacher as being an important part of the educational process. I believe that no matter what happens throughout time there will always need to be someone who is there to help the children or young adults with rounding up the information and helping them to know what to do with the information when they find it.

Jamie Anderson said...

Ms.Drexler, Thank you for sharing your challenge with us, I hope the project goes well. I have been trying to figure out how to put all the technology that I am learning to use in teaching science, so I would love to know how your class turns out. Is the school making computers available for the students to use at home to conduct their research? I would love to hear from you, you can reach me at my blog if you have the time. Good Luck! Jamie

Rachel Hernandez said...

Hello Miss Wendy, I watched your video for Dr. Strange's EDM 310 class and i must day that i enjoyed your video. The animation was easy to see and understand. The narrator's voices was also very easy to follow and understand. Overall this was a great movie.

Alana Carpenter said...

Ms. Drexler,
Your students did a great job on their PLN. Dr. Strange is my professor at the University of South Alabama and he has been allowing us to experience many different tools available to us. He assigns us hundreds of projects, well maybe not hundreds, but definitely a lot. I realize, probably like your students, that by completing these projects we are learning more than if you were at the front of the room explaining how PLNs, podcasts, and other technological tools work. I appreciate the ideas you have shared and I am sure your students do, too. The more we share, the more we actually gain. If you would like to see some things Dr. Strange is teaching us, feel free to check out my blog.

Stephen said...

Hi Ms. Drexler, I am from Dr. Strange's EDM EDM310 class. He assigned us to watch your video and I learned so much by watching this. You can visit my blog in a few days and you will find my post on the video. I think the most important thing I saw was how the use of networking can cover so much material at one time!

Nichole said...

Ms. Drexler,
My name is Nichole and I am from Dr. Strange's class. I thought your video was accurate on what schools could be like. I also think your dead on with the obstacles in the way on that task. The biggest ones seem to be administration and parental acceptance, as well as finding teachers that are willing to teach this way. I wish I could have been a "networked student" when I was in high school rather than just being told "Don't use Wikipedia".

Thank you for sharing this information with us and if you would like to read my reaction to your video, this is the link to my blog.

Martha Yim said...

Mrs. Drexler,

I am a student in Dr. Strange's EDM 310 class. I am very excited about what you are doing in the classroom and cannot wait to read your entire blog to learn about the ups and downs and the final assessment of the networked student challenge. I have added your blog to my PLN and will be following you closely. I am including a link to my class blog.
My Class Blog

Barry Gartman's EDM310 Class Blog said...

My name is Barry Gartman, and I am in Dr. Strange's EDM310 class. This video really inspired me. The thing we can do networked students and technology are limited only by us. I hope to be as inventive as you when I begin my career as a teacher. Thank you very much. May I add you in my PLN? Feel free to Click here to visit my blog.

Leah said...

The networked student provides legitimate reasons for future educators to realize that teachers will not become obsolete. They simply will be teaching in a different style. The motivation is the same: to empower students to ask their own questions and search for their own answers; to instill a love of learning; and to guide and coach students toward their successes in our world. Our world now has experienced much more globalization. My reaction in regard to my future classroom is one of excitement. Instead of presenting history lessons and telling the students why this history is important (or why I or the curriculum thinks it is important), I can use a networked classroom to ask them why they think it is important. This is a simple video, but it expounds the ongoing need for teachers and the need to network in this age.

This video also explains some positives of globalization. Obviously there are many negatives, debated over again and again through economic geographers and others who study social sciences. But I like this view of “the world getting smaller”. The connections we make with people around the world help us develop our own schemas. We will not know how to communicate in the 21st century if we do not embrace the possibilities.

I would deceive myself if I said that I was completely ready to be a teacher of a networked student. However, I am aware of the need to be ready, and I believe this class is an excellent starting point. Being an educator, to me, has always been about empowering and enriching student’s educational experiences and opportunities. That being said, it isn’t about the technology, per say, but technology is the best resource we have today to achieve that goal. I realize that there are many obstacles. If we are creative enough, I think we can overcome them.

Good luck on your journey. It is not a negative wish when I say that I hope it doesn't end. Please check out my class blog. I'd appreciate any comments you may have.

Leah DiVincenzo

Allison Sells said...

I am also a member of Dr. Strange's Summer 2010 EDM310 class. I am inspired by your motivation to move your students into the future. Our public schools here in Mobile Alabama are far behind in implementing the resources that are available to students. I thoroughly agree that developing a PLN and getting organized may be the key to success for our students. I am not a teacher in the school system yet but I am a mother. I have a son who will be entering the 9th grade this fall. I hope to be able to use what you have laid out in your video to help him to develope a PLN
which will give him a better advantage for his studies in the near future. This will be good practice for my future as a teacher. I hope that your work will make it possible for all of us as teachers to be able to teach our students how to be networked and not run into the "walls" of the school system.

Sarah Pierce said...


My name is Sarah Pierce and I am in Dr. Strange’s edm310 class. I think it is great that you are trying to foresee any possible problems that might occur with trying to teach a networked class. It seems like you are prepared and I am sure that you will be successful! I wonder how you will get around the age requirements for many of the web applications. I’m sure it will all work out!

Leigh Setser said...

Hi Mrs. Drexler!

My name is Leigh and I am a student at the University of South Alabama. I am taking Dr. Strange's class EDM 310 and he recommended we watch the video The Networked Student. I really enjoyed the video and thought it was really clever! I learned a lot of new things from the information you talked about. I know when I am finished with my degree I will be prepared to teach a networked student. Check out my blog if you like! Thank you!

Sterling Strom said...

Hey I am Sterling and I currently attend The University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama. I am in Dr. Strange's EDM 310 class and was told that I could comment on your blog post. click here if you would like to check out my blog posts. I thought this particular blog post was really good and interesting. There are many obstacles. Those are all obstacles that we will face, and yes the unknowns do worry people. Your blog post was very interesting to read.

BrittanySchneider said...

Ms. Drexler, Thank you for sharing your "Networked Student" video with us. What a great diagram of how technology helps students. It reinforces the skills I am currently learning in Dr. Strange's EDM310 at the University of South Alabama. As a future educator, I need to stay current on all available technology and maintain my relevance as we go further in our quest to integrate technology into the classroom. Feel free to visit my blog . Thank you, Brittany

Mitch Pouliot said...

Great video Ms. Drexler. I'm a student of Dr. Strange's at USA and I have to say that this is something I will research more and try to implement in at least some form. I like the way the instruction requires the student to be an active learner. I think this is the most important part.

Brooke Broadus said...

Hi, my name is Brooke Broadus and I am in Dr. Strange's EDM 310 class at the Univeristy of South Alabama! Your "Networked Student" video was very interesting. It really made me think and understand how important is it for educators to know and understand techonology. You can visit my blog to read more about my thoughts on your video.

Thanks for sharing your video with us!

Erin Tillman said...

Hi Wendy, my name is Erin Tillman and I am in Dr. Strange's EDM 310 class. I was not aware a class like this existed. I think it is great! Students need to be more aware of what the internet has to offer. They need to know the differences between good and bad information. Having a teacher just for this is a wonderful idea! I definitely hope that I will be able to teach my students as much as I possibly can about online resources. Thank you for your time! -Erin Tillman

Darlene Staimpel said...

Hi Wendy,

I am in Dr. Strange's Edm310 class. I can't wait to see your ending results. I enjoyed your movie!! I will be a tech literate teacher. I think networked learning is the direction our society is heading in. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hi Wendy,
My name is Cassandra Steele. I am a student in Dr. Strange's EDM310 class at the University of South Alabama. I enjoyed watching your video. It was very interesting. I think that active learning is a very good thing to practice. I also think that personal learning networks are a great resource. Thanks for your post!

Malissa said...

Hello Wendy I am a student in Dr. Strange's EDM 310 class at South Alabama and I really think your research efforts will be very useful when it is time to weigh the options of networked teaching and traditional lecture methods which are not very informative if you are not paying attention. The fact that you are making a huge difference in classroom teaching skills inspires me. Keep up the progress.

sherrie spence edm 310 said...

I am a student in Dr. Strange's EDM310 class and I wish you the best of luck with the new style of learning. I think it's great you are willing to take the risk to find a better way for the students to learn. I'm sure there will be challenges starting something like this, but we learn by trial and error. I will be reading your posts to find out how it works out and suggestions for my classroom one day. Good luck!

Regina Simmons said...

I am a student of Dr.Strange at The University of South Alabama. When I first saw the video on teaching through a networked approach I had many questions as to how one would go about this practically. After reading your blog however I have no doubts that you will not rise to this challenge. I hope to one day join you with my own class.

Elo Martin said...

Ms. Drexler,

I enjoyed reading your blog and seeing what future students might be experiencing. I think it is very good that students learn from one another because they have a way to explain to one another and it helps the other student have a better concept on the material. :)

Hailey Rascoe said...

Hi!I attend the University of South Alabama and I am in Dr.Strange's EDM310 class. I love your ideas! I can't wait to see how everything plays out! I wish you the best of luck! I can't wait to get back on and read about your results! Please keep us updated!

RobinGarland said...

Thanks for your information. "Networked Student" is great and provides wonderful information. I am a student at University of South Alabama. I am in Dr. Strange's EDM310 class. Your blog gives me a lot of things to consider as a future educator. I believe it is very important for children to learn all the possibilities and learning opportunities the web has to offer. Thanks again!

Toni Parrish said...

Hello Mrs. Dexter,
I am also a student taking EDM310 this semester and I wanted to say that your post on "Networked Student Challenges" was great. I say this because unlike some educators, you are honest about the things that we face as future teachers, but instead of you trying to defuse from the situation you make it known the different obstacles we may face, and that instead of ignoring them you tell us to more prepared for our sake and our students!

courtney bellais said...

Ms. Drexler,
I am a student of Dr. Stranges EDM 310 class and I really enjoyed your video! The networked student definitely has the world of knowledge at the click of a button and has endless opportunities for learning, that is why I like the idea so much. I am excited for you this next fall and I hope your experience with the classroom goes great!

Tara Watson said...

Hi Mrs. Drexler,
I am a student in Dr. Stranges EDM310 class. I was enthralled by your idea of the networked student and even more by your perseverance in making middle school students the target. I think it is important to help students grow in their knowledge and enjoyment of learning at a young age. Middle school is when students begin to mature into who they are and go from being children to young teens. I feel it is crucial for them to stop being babied, and learn how to do things on their owns, search all that is out there, and find their main interests. Thank you for sharing your ideas. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.

Rebekah Lloyd said...

Hi Mrs. Drexler,

I am from Dr. Strange's EDM310 Class at the University of South Alabama, and I wanted to quickly say I found your video very interesting.
The idea of the Networked student is definitely new to me, and quite "unorthodox" if viewed from traditional educational practices. However, i find it intriguing and cannot wait to become more like the "networked student" in the video!
Lifelong learning is the drive I want to create in my future students, and I think that this is a great way to do just that. If I can educate my students how to learn on their own, then I have helped them pass much more than elementary school.

Michael Oakwood said...

Ms. Drexler,
I am in Dr. Strange's EDM310 class at the University of South Alabama. I enjoyed your video on the networked student. I truly believe students can and will truly learn more by digging in and doing the research. With the technology available to students today, accurate information on almost any subject is endless. It is impossible for any one teacher to know everything. Networking allows students to learn from other experts as well. In this capacity, the teacher is more like a coach. I cannot wait until I get my own classroom. My students will be well networked students. I would like to know how your "experiment" is going. Please fell free to visit my blog:
Michael Oakwood

Brandon M. Caten said...

Ms. Drexler,

My name is Brandon M. Caten and I am a student in EDM310 at The University of South Alabama. Your video on The Networked Student and this blog really had made me think about how much of a networked teacher I really want to be once I make it into the classroom. I daily spend more time on the internet than I do in the classroom, and to be honest, I feel like most of my learning comes from my personal explorations on the web! I want to make sure that I can transfer my knowledge of the internet and all of its wonderful resources to my students so that one day they can use the web for things other than facebook and myspace!

Please feel free to visit my blog:

I look forward to reading more from you! Thank you for your amazing positive contributions to education!

Olivia Bush said...

Ms. Drexler,

Hi, my name is Olivia Bush. I am a student at the University of South Alabama in EDM 310. I am studying to be an Elementary Teacher. Thank you for sharing your video and blog. I really enjoyed it and it did open my eyes. I have so much to learn to be a teacher of a networked student.

I love the idea of opening a world up to my students beyond a text book. What a great opportunity for a student to expand their knowledge beyond the limits of books on different subjects by using the internet. The internet is such a wealth of information that given the opportunity to explore and learn a student may find their own personal drive and desire to study a subject in more depth. This is also a great way to keep a teacher fresh and up to date on subjects as well.

I hope, I can be a great teacher to a networked student one day and really drive a passion for learning more than what is in a text book. Thank you for sharing this and please visit my blog

Miss Ashley said...

Hi, Ms. Drexler
The obstacles that you are trying to stay one step ahead of are the exact same ones that I would have foreseen. I don't think you missed one. My biggest fear too is that students would misuse the intended purpose of the computers.
Loved your Blog!

woodie holloway said...

Hello Ms.Drexler,
I am in Dr. Strange's EDM 310 class as well. Just wanted to say, I would have commented on your Blog, if i was a perfect stranger. We need more people like yourself, to relay the "Networked" message to the masses. I for one, took a lot from the video. The message was loud and clear. Teachers need to be able to educate students, on how to use the information, thats on the internet, to their advantage.

Anonymous said...

Hi Wendy,

My name is Whitney Hale and I am Professor Strange's EDM310 class as well. I think it is wonderful what you are doing. I really enjoyed watching your video. People need to know that there are valid ways to get information from the web and that it really isn't a bad thing. I think it is great what you are doing because many people aren't brave enough to step outside the box and open people up to new ideas.

brownnoahedm310 said...

Hi Wendy,

I think your usage of your network learning idea is fantastic but I am also curious about some of the obstacles you could face in promoting it. Perhaps the biggest one is getting large number of people motivated or interested to pursue the same goal... motivation will be key but with proper steps this could be amazing.